How to Identify, Prevent, and Respond to Cyberbullying


What is cyberbullying and how many students experience it? What are the warning signs, that educators and peers can be alert to, that a student is being cyberbullied? What should you do if you witness cyberbullying? Should educators search student-owned devices? What school policies keep cyberbullying in check?

Cyberbullying research and policy expert Justin Patchin answers these and other cyberbullying questions in this short video. Use this with your staff to kick off a conversation, identify gaps, and elevate best practices for identifying, responding, and preventing cyberbullying in your school community.

This video is part of a free, special, digital edition of Policy Priorities, ASCD’s policy resource for educators. Browse this issue for practical guidance on cyberbullying — which school policies are most promising, how state and federal law affect school-level decisions, and where to go for curricuar supports. Be sure to check out the interactive infographic on page 6 for state-specific cyberbullying information.