How Much Time Do You Have? Fill It with Back-to-School PD!



At ASCD, we are always trying to come up with new and innovative ways to deliver professional development (PD) to you, the educator. No matter how much free time you have to spare this fall, we’ve got the solution for you.

Are you on a time crunch? Our new Arias™ short-format publications are designed to be read in one sitting and are the perfect bite-sized PD, and we’ll be adding new titles to our roster soon!

Have a bit more time? Check out Baruti Kafele’s new book Closing the Attitude Gap to hone in on underperforming students and what motivates them.

Ready to dedicate a whole weekend to improving your practice? We’ve also got you covered there! Join us for our Conference on Educational Leadership in Las Vegas, Nev., November 1–3.

Read on for more details:

New Tools from ASCD to Start the Year Off Right!

ASCD Arias (publications): Educators are encouraged to pick up all of ASCD’s new short-format publications. These convenient and succinct publications offer the expertise of education thought leaders, experienced practitioners, and researchers. Each Arias title is 48 pages in length and will answer a crucial and timely “How do I…?” question. ASCD Arias contains original, standalone content that can be read in one sitting and then immediately applied to practice. The first four publications in the imprint are Fostering Grit by Thomas R. Hoerr; Teaching with Tablets by Nancy Frey, Alex Gonzalez, and Douglas Fisher; Grading and Group Work by Susan M. Brookhart; and The 5-Minute Teacher by Mark Barnes. All titles will be released in August 2013 and are available now for pre-order in print ($12.99) and e-book formats ($6.99).

ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership (event): On November 1–3, 2013, join ASCD in in Las Vegas, Nev., for the 2013 ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership. The conference promises to guide educators of all levels to add new ideas to their leadership knowledge base, focus on what matters most in leadership, and connect them with global education leaders. The conference will feature more than 90 sessions, including three General Sessions: “Leading with the Brain in Mind: Five Approaches to 21st Century Leadership” with Eric Jensen; “College and Career Readiness: What We Know, What We Can Do” with David Conley; and “Passion-Driven Leadership: A Commitment to Student Success” with Salome Thomas-EL.

Closing the Attitude Gap by Baruti Kafele (book): As educators head back into the classroom, ASCD encourages them to pick up this motivational guide for all educators of underperforming students, Closing the Attitude Gap. This new book by Baruti Kafele, available now for pre-order, helps readers understand how to achieve remarkable results by zeroing in on their attitude toward students, their relationship with students, their compassion for students, the learning environment, and cultural relevance in instruction. “Before we can close the achievement gap, we must close the attitude gap and help all students develop a foundational ‘attitude of excellence,’” explains veteran educator Principal Kafele. Known nationally for his success turning around Newark Tech High School in New Jersey and his ASCD best-seller, Motivating Black Males to Achieve in School and in Life, Kafele continues to pursue his mission to help all learners succeed with this practical and inspiring book.