How Do We Cultivate and Support Teacher Leaders? Tell Us What You Think in the ASCD Forum


Jan 16 postIn education, teacher leaders can be a bit like unicorns: awesome to behold and incredibly inspiring, yet surprisingly rare and quick to vanish. But do teacher leaders have to be difficult to find and keep in schools? ASCD thinks there is a way to cultivate and support teacher leaders so that their awesomeness and inspiration is not fleeting, but rather a self-sustained norm in schools. We need your help to figure out how to make that happen. From January 16 to April 11, we invite you and your fellow educators around the world to focus on the topic, “How do we cultivate and support teacher leaders?”

This ASCD Forum discussion is an educator-driven conversation designed to give educators all over the world a voice on an important education topic, whether it’s online or face-to-face. For us (and we hope you agree), a discussion of teacher leadership goes to the heart of what it means to be an educator, the career potential of teachers, and elements of professional development essential to support aspiring leaders. In addition, the first-hand perspective of school administrators will be especially valuable in this discussion about the benefits of teacher leaders in relation to student, staff, and school improvement efforts.

Questions for Discussion

You are encouraged to join the conversation by addressing one of the questions below or addressing the topic of teacher leadership in their own way.

  • What does it mean to be a teacher leader and how does an educator become one?
  • How do teachers exercise leadership without having to pursue a career in administration?
  • How can teacher leaders be identified and cultivated?
  • What opportunities are available for educators to become teacher leaders, and how can school systems support educators in this role?

Join the Conversation

To get involved, go to for more info about

  • Joining the ASCD Forum group on ASCD EDge® and contributing to the ongoing online conversation.
  • Viewing and commenting on ASCD EDge blog posts by other educators.
  • Writing your own ASCD EDge blog posts.
  • Following the conversation on Twitter with the #ASCDForum hashtag.
  • Joining us for the face-to-face session (#2124) hosted by ASCD President Becky Berg at Annual Conference on Sunday, March 16, from 8:00-9:30 a.m. in Los Angeles, Calif.

The ASCD Forum can only succeed with widespread participation from educators all over the globe. Your voice is the content, and your participation drives the conversation forward.

Please join us: we can’t do this without you, much like the #ASCDEdSpace conversations that you’ll hear about on ASCD Inservice next week.

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  1. The problem lies in the disconnect…administrators who have been on the front lines and those that haven’t…passionate educators under the control of rigid business people. Demand that administrators, at all levels, and politicians that make decisions about education be required to have served in the classroom and proved their passion and care for the future of our children. Only then will we see real change!


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