How All Educators Can Challenge Convention and Make a Change in Education


By Nancy Gibson

Imagine a world without innovation. The farthest we’d travel would be as far as our two feet could take us. If we wanted to talk to someone, we’d better be ready to pick up a pen and paper. The idea of a blog? Forget about it! Throughout history, there have been innovations that change the way we live and communicate. If we stopped innovating, it would be impossible to improve the way we live. The same goes for the education world.

Nancy postThere was a time in education where interactive white boards, tablets, and learning communities had nothing to do with educating our youth. Thanks to new ideas and innovations, there are now tools for making educator’s jobs easier and more rewarding. To reach each child in every classroom, innovation has become an imperative.

At the 70th ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show, we’ve chosen to focus on the theme “Challenging Convention: Leading Disruptive Innovations.” This theme may seem abstract, but if you break it down, it’s what all educators should be trying to do when they walk into the classroom.

Have you ever thought about why you took a particular approach in your classroom, school, or district and come up with the answer, “That’s how it’s always been done”? At the 70th ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show, we want to challenge that mind-set and push educators to become the change they want to see in education. We must identify ways to prepare all students to compete and contribute to this ever-changing society.

Challenging convention and leading disruptive innovations means educators—teachers, administrators, staff developers, etc.—must keep trying new strategies and practices that best serve their students. Educators must push themselves to utilize the latest tools and break out of their comfort zones.

It’s time to open our minds and create the next generation in education by always questioning why we do what we do.

What does the future of education look like? It is educators like you that hold the answer. So join us in Houston from March 21–23, 2015, for the 70th ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show and get ready to makes waves in education!