Hewetson Elementary: High-Poverty & Highly Rated

High-poverty Halle Hewetson Elementary in Las Vegas, Nev., rates five stars on Clark County School District’s school performance framework. In last week’s most-clicked ASCD SmartBrief story, school leaders attribute Hewetson’s success to ongoing assessment for growth, literacy interventions, high expectations, parent involvement, and effective classroom management.

Here’s a sampling of free ASCD resources that give a behind-the-scenes look at success stories like Hewetson’s:

  • Seven Systemwide Solutions,” in the 2008 Educational Leadership (EL) on poverty and learning summarizes how leaders in seven districts—Miami-Dade County Public (Fla.), Montgomery County Public Schools (Md.), Cleveland Public Schools (Miss.), Federal Way School District (Wash.), Boston Public Schools (Mass.), Chicago Public Schools (Ill.), and Union City Schools (N.J.)—supported high-poverty students in terms of four major challenges: the achievement gap, parental involvement, children who begin school unprepared, and the teacher-quality gap.
  • Guaranteeing Challenging, Engaging, Intentional Instruction,” the first chapter of Bryan Goodwin’s book Simply Better, discusses the research-based teacher practices that embody high expectations.

  • In the webinar, “How to Plan Rigorous Instruction,” Robyn Jackson explains how to build struggling students’ capacity for rigorous learning over time.
  • Richard Allington details six steps to raise literacy levels for all students in “Every Child, Every Day,” in the March 2012 EL on reading.


  1. The IT Schools make sure that the student possesses right knowledge and skills that are essential to pursue a professionally sound career in the long run. The IT Schools in NJ are operating by following the same rule of education as well.

  2. It is wonderful to read a story like this. I teach in a small rural district in upstate New York. We have similar situation with our students in a high-poverty area. Our children are bright and motivated. The team that I teach with is proud of the progress that our students are making every year. It is nice to read about a district such as this getting the positive attention that it deserves.


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