Help Build a Whole Child Community


In this month’s column, Outstanding Young Educator Brad Kuntz says educators can demonstrate what it’s like to be a contributing member of a whole child community.

By personally contributing in the neighborhoods surrounding our schools, by teaching our students to be active citizens, and by bringing community members into the school to be a part of the educational experience, teachers can foster the development of mutually enriching experiences and create a positive, supportive environment for all students.

How do you bring the community into your classroom and into your practice as a whole educator?


  1. One of the ways we bring the community into our school is through our partnership wit our Chamber of Commerce. This partnership has helped us recruit approximately 70 mentors for our students. Our ultimate goal is to recruit a mentor for every child! We have about 330 students.

    Another way we partner with the community is through our relationships with multiple business partners. These partners come to our school every Friday to give food bags to all of our most needy students who might go without healthy snacks over the weekend.


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