HechingerEd Blog


Are you concerned about the state of education journalism in a time of closing newspapers, crunched reporting budgets, and fleeting attention spans? The Hechinger Report, a new nonprofit education news organization focused on in-depth investigative journalism, attempts to fill these gaps. Although the main website contains longer-form stories, HechingerEd Blog focuses on current trends and controversies in education.

The blog also features daily roundups and analysis of education news from other sources, making the blog a good addition to your reading list if you enjoy ASCD Smartbrief or similar news aggregators.

A unique feature on the blog is “Assignment Memo,” which provides a sneak peek of stories. A recent entry previewed coverage of “bridge programs” that aim to ease the transition from middle school to high school. The post asks for feedback on the topic and suggestions for new angles, providing readers a Web 2.0 opportunity to give their input to an important story as it develops.