Google App Search: New Tools Make Finding Apps Easier


Apps: popular. Google: very popular. Put them together and the tech-savvy educator has a way to simplify their search for the applications that fit their needs.

Running a Google search on, say, “common core” and “apps,” yields a little less than 6 million results. But recently, Google has added an option to limit your results to actual applications. Just look under the search box after a search, and you’ll either see “Applications” as an option or be able to select it from the drop-down “more” menu. In this case, the number of hits drops to 21,700.

This is still a lot, but in characteristically low-key fashion, Google has hidden more useful tools. Click on “Search Tools” to limit the results by operating system, price, and source. For example, a few clicks return four free Android apps on the Common Core.

I’d still recommend a general Google search and perusal of your favorite tech blogs and directories when hunting for apps, but this tool is a good way to quickly survey multiple app stores and filter by your needs. The results page helpfully includes user ratings information in the listing, making it simpler and quicker to separate the wheat from the chaff.