Getting Ready for College Reading

Syllabus-ted: Preparing Students for the Rigors of College ReadingWhat sets college reading apart from high school reading? Experts say volume, variety, and vocabulary ratchets up at the college level, and can find many students struggling in their 13th year of school.

The July Education Update feature article, “Syllabus-ted: Preparing Students for the Rigors of College Reading,” profiles how K-16 partnerships can alleviate the 13th-year reading slump. Based on knowledge of college reading requirements, high school teachers are assigning more expository reading and writing assignments, as well as giving student strategies for going more slowly and deeper into texts. For example, instead of reading for the surface facts of the text, high school students need to become adept at reading for arguments within and among texts.

To better prepare students for the rigors of college reading, the Modern Language Association has launched its K-16 Alliances website. On the site, educators across grade levels can share writing prompts, syllabi, and strategies for working with complex texts.


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