Fostering Opportunity for Every Learner in the New Year


Gene R. Carter New Years 2013 Quote

At the beginning of each New Year, I ask ASCD staff to refocus on our mission. I encourage them to take time to think about the fact that we exist to support the success of each learner. It is important to me that we as an organization recognize this and understand the values that drive our work.

Refocusing on our mission also helps us refocus on our priorities. In 2013, ASCD will continue to support the success of each learner, but I also want to share with members, partners, and other stakeholders some of the association’s major priorities, which include

  • Continuing our advocacy work. 2013 promises to be an active year for education policy, and we will be right there to advise those who govern, injecting the voice of the educator into the conversation. For more information on ASCD’s policy and advocacy work, visit and follow @ASCD on Twitter.
  • Expanding our commitment to timely professional development. We will continue to provide the highest quality professional development resources and leverage new technologies to improve delivery. Stay tuned for more news about exciting new programs, products, and services that help educators support student success. Learn more about our award winning professional development resources by heading to
  • Continuing to respond to the shift from print to digital. As the world becomes more mobile and connected, we will connect and support learners across boundaries through technologies that link and engage them. Thought-provoking, helpful content that helps educators practically apply lessons from the greatest minds in education into their classrooms will continue to be a hallmark of ASCD, but we promise to provide educators with methods of delivery that are customized to their needs. For more, visit

Our diverse, nonpartisan membership is our greatest strength, projecting a powerful, unified voice to decision makers around the world. We will do everything we can to support educators everywhere with the tools they need to enable their students to achieve and succeed.

Our time is now and what we do will determine whether young people have a future of expanding opportunities. We are looking forward to you joining with us on that mission in 2013!


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