Florida ASCD Presents: A Bill of Rights for Florida School Children

A Bill of Rights for Florida School Children

ASCD created the Whole Child Initiative as a way to be an advocate for designing a comprehensive strategy for learning and development, ensuring each child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.  ASCD feels that the entire community should attend to both in-school factors and out-of-school influences that affect learning. 

The Florida ASCD Board wanted to become involves with this great idea…but how?  We decided we wanted to take this concept and create something that not only reflected the ideals set forth by ASCD, but was easy for even the children to understand.  We felt that short bullet point statements were easiest to follow.  As we listed them, we agreed that these were the rights that all children deserved each and every day they walked into the classroom…these statements were their Bill of Rights.

Then the Florida ASCD Board talked about what type of format we wanted to use.  We created posters for the school hallways and classrooms but we really wanted to create something for the children…so we came up with the bookmarks.

We have bookmarks for all Conference on Educational Leadership attendees (just stop by the Florida ASCD Booth) and we also have them posted on our website, FASCD.org.  Not only are they FREE but they come in four languages: English, Spanish, Creole, and Polish.  We invite teachers and parents to download them for their children.  We encourage schools to post them on their websites, print them in their family/student handbooks, as well as share them with their school boards and other important stakeholders.  Florida ASCD will be unveiling the Bill of Rights at the CEL Welcome Event Thursday evening and we ask that join us in-person or by using #ASCDCEL17 on Twitter in supporting and securing the rights for all of our children.