Finding the upsides in an uncertain time


By Sean Slade

Time To Reassess

If there is an upside – and there are many – to this crisis, it’s that we are all having to, or having enough time to, reassess what we do and why. From this perspective the COVID-19 crisis may well signal a reappraisal of our education systems and processes and a newer more human approach to education.

What to learn

And what I’m reading – via Twitter, blogs, or articles – is a reevaluation of what is a meaningful education. A reexamination of what constitutes value and what may or may not be useful skills or lifelong lessons. Whether it has been parents adapting to being the teacher or teachers adapting to teach things of value without benchmark constraints, the reflections have been compelling.

How to learn

It is also a time to consider how we are learning. As I drive or walk (maintaining the 6 feet apart recommendation) my neighborhoods I’m seeing more kids outside – climbing, playing, painting, making. I’m seeing more parents learning outside with their kids. Whether that’s a walk and chat about trees, or a walk and discussion about something current, … or even kids joining in with their parents’ work lives.

A healthy foundation

And what has been a refreshing realization – born out of necessity – is the understanding and commitment to ensuring that our kids have what they need to be healthy and safe. School districts and communities have been making sure that kids are fed, communities have been banding together, and teachers have been focusing on making sure that they students feel safe and connected.

All in all, its been heartening to see the way that our communities have become more human-centric, concerned for each other, willing to help, and willing to rethink what we considered important just 1 or 2 weeks ago.

How are you coping? And what are your reflections? Share your thoughts with us and educator everywhere, on this blog or via Twitter using #WholeChild and #TimetoReassess.