Engaging Adult Learners by Emphasizing Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking


Higher education at ASCD Annual ConferenceBy Sarah Noonan

Have you ever wondered how to generate some psychological heat to raise your students’ interest and engagement in learning? Serve them a “sizzler”—a slam-dunk, guaranteed-to engage, heart-stopping, ice-breaking, and want-to-know-more teaching or learning activity.

Attend the 69th Annual Conference and Exhibit Show session “Engaging Adult Learners by Emphasizing Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking” to learn how engaging pedagogy stimulates student interest in learning by emphasizing collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking in your lesson design. Presenters show the importance of (1) facilitating healthy interactions and risk taking between and among students and professors or teachers; (2) providing access to challenging curriculum using inquiry; (3) offering skilled coaching to help students develop and express their individual talents; and (4) offering choices and alternative ways to learn, satisfying individual needs and fostering the accomplishment of personal and academic goals.

Learn more about these and other higher education sessions being offered at ASCD’s 69th Annual Conference & Exhibit Show on Map Your Show, our official conference planner.

In addition to the conference planner, ASCD will feature an app for conference attendees that will be available for download for Apple/iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices (phones and tablets). The app will allow attendees to create a personalized agenda and find sessions, speakers, and exhibitors of interest to them. The app will be available January 2014.


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