Engage Students By Embracing Technology


In his latest column, Outstanding Young Educator Brad Kuntz argues for embracing technology use in schools:

“By training students to use technology appropriately and effectively and providing opportunities for them to reach learning targets through its usage, we create a situation in which students are engaged in learning. We also free ourselves from the constant cycle of fighting against students.”

We couldn’t agree more—see last year’s Policy Priorities newsletter on the topic, “Can Social Media and School Policies Be ‘Friends?’” for data on how students are using social media and examples of how educators are using technology to innovate instruction and instill digital literacy.


  1. I have found that when the students are engaged in learning through the use of technology, I have fewer incidents of classroom management. The technologies that I speak of are wikis, podcasting, blogs, multimedia, and Internet software. Creating videos and publishing it to the Internet is an authentic and relevant learning experience. Teacher s need to ensure that students are working with 21st century skills so that the students can be creative and constructive after they leave school.


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