Eight Shifts for Teaching and Learning

“Our job is not to figure out this phone; it’s figuring out connections,” said Will Richardson at his #iste11 presentation (available here). He outlined eight big shifts already affecting learning in the world at large but largely absent from the world in the classroom:

  • Talk to strangers.
  • Create your own e-portfolio.
  • Share widely.
  • Manage multiple streams of information.
  • Detect misinformation and develop attention literacy.
  • Follow your passions.
  • Learn for learning’s sake.
  • Problem solve.

A low-tech synopsis of Richardson’s presentation might be that now more than ever, educators must connect students to their passions and help them collaborate productively around those passions.

Clearly, Richardson believes the path to shifting education starts with how educators shift their own learning. “Figure out how to bring strangers into your learning lives so you can teach kids to do it well,” he advised.

One of Richardson’s key questions lingers in my mind: Are we empowering and enabling students to choose their own teachers or sources of learning? Or are we telling kids education is something you’re given, not something you create?