Education Resolutions from Emerging Leaders


In preparation for returning to school in the new year, we reached out to our ASCD emerging leaders and asked them to share their resolutions for 2014. We hope that their words will resonate with you as you reflect on your own practice this school year. The Emerging Leaders program recognizes young, promising educators and prepares them for potential influence on education programs, policy, and practice at both the local and national levels. Learn more about emerging leaders on the ASCD website.

“In 2014, I hope to learn more than I did last year, as my growth as a leader is based on what I’ve gained as a learner.”

—Fred Ende, 2012 emerging leader

“To help further create a shared vision of what real technology integration looks like. To see technology’s place in teaching and learning as more than an event. This means a constant, supportive learning environment is needed for administrators, teachers, and students.”

—Kyle Pace, 2013 emerging leader

2014 Resolutions Jan Dilks“My education resolution for 2014 is to become more digitally organized.”

—Jen Dilks, 2010 emerging leader

“Focus on student ownership as much as possible. Make student choice embedded in every assessment and learning objective I create. Find more ways to connect the learning inside my classroom with [students’] lives outside of it.”

—Brianna Crowley, 2013 emerging leader

“My resolution is to focus on helping teachers make an intentional shift to personalized learning. It is a challenging fundamental change to learning and teaching; technology is an important enabler, but the devices we use are just one tool for delivering this instruction.”

—Jill Thompson, 2013 emerging leader

“In the new year, I resolve to be in the classrooms more and spend more time developing long-term goals and strategic action plans while minimizing the amount of time spent on daily school operations.”

—Deirdra Grode, 2008 emerging leader

“My new year’s education resolution is to continue learning about the Common Core standards and how to support teachers in using their instruction to target [the standards].”

—Amy Vanden Boogart, 2011 emerging leader

“Continue learning the many details of my new position as superintendent at Park City School District.”

—Ember Conley, 2012 emerging leader

“To begin actively blogging, at least one substantive blog post a month, on important topics in education and leadership.”

—Eric Bernstein, 2012 emerging leader

2014 Resolutions Ayanna Cooper“My new year’s education resolution is to continue advocating for English learners!”

—Ayanna Cooper, 2010 emerging leader

“Spend more time working directly with my teachers to support them with creatively and effectively leveraging 1:1 devices in their UbDs, assessments, and day-to-day assignments.”

—Mary Beth Hertz, 2013 emerging leader

“To build a stronger network of connected educators in my building/district while looking to create avenues for my students to make global connections in their work.”

—Rebecca Kelly, 2013 emerging leader

“To give my students and colleagues more undivided attention. I want to slow down and take the time to have one-on-one conversations with as many of the people around me as possible.”

—John Hines, 2013 emerging leader

“In the new year, I commit to providing rich, meaningful PLC (professional learning community) discussions to model the deep level of thinking that should go into lesson planning.”

—Jessica Bohn, 2012 emerging leader

“With the help of friends in education, my 2014 education new year’s resolution is to design experiential classroom activities that explicitly integrate social-emotional learning standards with content standards.”

—Krista Rundell, 2012 emerging leader

2014 Resolutions Jason Ellingson“Utilize friendly Twitter chats and Ignite Presentations to inspire and encourage all engaged in teaching and learning.”

—Ashanti M. Foster, 2013 emerging leader

“Seek opportunities to advocate for all children at state and national levels; children need a better education law.”

—Melany R. Stowe, 2013 emerging leader

“Grow as a leader and a follower. Change occurs with both roles.”

—Jason Ellingson, 2012 emerging leader

“My goal is to help my students (preservice teachers) thoughtfully translate theories and book learning into actual practice.”

—Christina Yuknis, 2011 emerging leader

“My new year’s resolution is to stay ‘unfinished.’ In education we continue to do, and do, and do, and sometimes do not take the time and energy to ensure that we are constantly growing as a person, a professional, and a leader in our profession. This next year, and throughout the rest of my life, I will work diligently to serve myself and my own personal professional growth so that I can better serve the needs to my colleagues and my students.”

—PJ Caposey, 2013 emerging leader