EdBlog Watch: The Hows and Whys of Web Technologies

Blogwatch_5Weblogg-ed, a blog run by author Will Richardson, examines the ins and outs of how educators can integrate blogs and other emerging Web technologies like wikis, podcasts, and RSS feeds in their K–12 classrooms. In his blog, Richardson reflects on how these technologies are beneficial to teachers and students alike.

In addition to providing video content, practical resources for beginning bloggers, and links to other education blogs of interest, Richardson writes on a wide variety of topics. His entries are categorized by subject, and a handy side bar allows users to quickly pull up posts on particular topics. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran to the world of blogging, Weblogg-ed is a useful starting place to explore Web-based tools and their effect on education.

Submitted by Ben Licciardi, a reference librarian in ASCD’s Information Resource Center. Education Blog Watch also appears every two weeks in the ASCD Express newsletter.