EdBlog Watch: Cracking Wize


Blogwatch_3Blogs are providing exciting new ways for communities of educators to discuss important issues, collaborate, and connect. Edwize, the blog of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), the New York City arm of the American Federation of Teachers, is a platform for UFT members to speak out and debate important issues about the teaching profession and improving the quality of education.

Edwize often engages in constructive debate with others in the blogosphere on the role of unions, as witnessed by this post on the question of how compatible unions are with public charter schools. While it often comments on local issues, it is just as likely to debate broad educational themes relevant to all educators, such as what makes an empowered school. It also provides an extensive list of New York City teacher blogs, giving you easy access to in-the-trenches perspectives.

Read Edwize at www.edwize.org.

Submitted by David Snyder (dsnyder@ascd.org), a reference librarian in ASCD’s Information Resource Center. Education Blog Watch also appears every two weeks in the ASCD Express newsletter.