EdBlog Watch: The Reflective Teacher

BlogwatchThe Reflective Teacher is a blog that combines community, tips for practice, and a writer who’s easy to relate to sharing compelling stories from his day-to-day life as a second-year middle school language arts teacher.

One post relates the experience of a short story assignment, reviewing the stages of writing a story, the process of teaching it, and some of the work he received. It’s informative and engaging, and beginning educators in particular will benefit from a narrative voice that is in a position similar to theirs.

The blog has regular features that foster community, such as Meet a Teacher, which interviews an educator; Day in a Sentence, in which readers submit the story of their day in a single sentence; and a Friday Haiku.

Visit The Reflective Teacher at http://thereflectiveteacher.wordpress.com/

David Snyder is a reference librarian in ASCD’s Information Resource Center. EdBlog Watch also appears in the ASCD Express newsletter.