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EdBlog Watch: Classroots.org

Authentic engagement. Democratic education. If these phrases make you want to read more, perhaps in blog format, you’re in luck. If you also like puns, a visit to the excellent blog Classroots.org just might feel like winning the lottery.

Blogger Chad, a humanities teacher in a charter school, does an excellent job of bridging theory and practice in a way that both classroom teachers and cultural observers can appreciate. For instance, the recent post “Two Rules for Music and School” takes on the debate about iPods potentially making students more isolated in their own worlds and uses it as a launching pad for creative lesson plan ideas, such as students creating their autobiographical soundtrack. The two rules: “It’s yours and it makes you happy.”

Chad’s arts-focused charter school holds an Expo Night in which students share their work with their families, and his description of the effect this process has on students is inspiring.

“The night reconfirmed for me the need for schools like ours that allow [students] to be flexible with ‘schooling’ so students who experience frustration with school don’t feel trampled underfoot by the speed of standards-based instruction mapped to EOC SOL tests,” he says. “We try to pursue learning alongside our students and remove the ‘school’ obstacles that have become antagonistic parts of their life stories.”

Read Chad’s blog at http://www.classroots.org.


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