EdBlog Watch: Britannica Off the Shelf

Nearly 250 years old, the venerable Encyclopaedia Britannica dusts itself off and charges into the blogosphere. Long known for its factual authority and cool-headed objectivity, Encyclopaedia Britannica might seem like an odd host for the off-the-cuff commentary and discussion-generating observations of a blog. As its Britannica Blog proves, the union is awkward only in theory. Pulling together prominent voices from various fields, the encyclopedia presents a multidisciplinary smorgasbord of intelligent and lively entries ranging from music to international affairs to “Diana and the Cult of Celebrity.”

Britannica’s education section, with regular posts from sharp-sighted luminaries such as Joanne Jacobs and Karin Chenoweth, is of particular relevance to educators who want to weigh in on current issues in the field.