EdBlog Watch: Teching Out H.S. Math

BlogwatchIn past issues of Blogwatch, we’ve covered a number of technology-oriented blogs, including PBS’s learning.now and Will Richardson’s Weblogg-ed. In this installment, we explore another forward-thinking site created by high school math teacher, Patty O’Flynn.

A proponent of interactive technology and visual learning, O’Flynn uses her blog, Patty Papers, to showcase and discuss her efforts to use technology as a means to engage and monitor her students. The Sustainable Classroom, O’Flynn’s classroom technology model, based on the work of ASCD author Robert Marzano, allows everyone in her class to give immediate responses to questions and assignments with electronic “clickers.” Digital whiteboards and screen casts provide another way for students to share their work both in and outside the classroom. O’Flynn’s blog posts review the progress on her innovative approach to classroom instruction while also providing relevant conference recaps and even calculator reviews.

O’Flynn describes Patty Papers—a pun on her first name and a reference to the small wax paper squares that separate uncooked hamburgers—as a site that distinguishes the “prime cuts of educational technology from common ‘mystery meat’.” Taste the difference at http://pattyoflynn.edublogs.org/.

Submitted by Ben Licciardi, an information resource coordinator in ASCD’s Information Resource Center. EdBlog Watch also appears in the ASCD Express newsletter.