EdBlog Watch: Leading Source


BlogwatchIf you’re a regular Blog Watch reader, you might remember our write-up from last October on the National School Board Association’s blog, Board Buzz. Venturing further into the blogosphere, NSBA has recently introduced a second blog, the Leading Source.

Written by the editors of their flagship publication, American School Board Journal, this new blog treads similar territory as its older sibling, but does so with a more personal and, at times, provocative flair. Topics range from senior editor Lawrence Hardy’s recent trip with his young children to an exhibit on modernism to author Jonathon Kozol’s fast protesting NCLB. Managing editor Kathleen Vail sums it best, explaining the Leading Source as a place “you’ll find our take on issues that appear in the magazine, as well as school leadership and general education topics that engage us or pique our interest.”