ED Pulse Poll Results: Is the purpose of teacher evaluation measurement or development?


This week’s ED Pulse poll question matches one asked by Robert J. Marzano in a survey shared in the upcoming November issue of Educational Leadership. In the issue, Marzano notes the results of his own survey in an upcoming article on “Teacher Evaluation: What’s Fair? What’s Effective?”

The 803 ASCD SmartBrief readers who responded to this question this week overwhelmingly felt that the purpose of teacher evaluation was more development than measurement (66%). Specifically, more than half reported that measurement and development should both be purposes, but that development should be dominant (59%). About a quarter felt that measurement and development were dual purposes of teacher evaluation (22%). Few (13%) felt that measurement should be the dominant or sole purpose of teacher evaluation.

Stay tuned for the November issue of Educational Leadership to find out how 3,000 educators polled by Robert J. Marzano answered this question.

This survey question was included in ASCD SmartBrief, a daily education news roundup e-newsletter, which has 217,000 subscribers. Using ED Pulse, the weekly online poll, data was collected from 803 readers, starting on October 4, 2012. Online surveys do not provide a random sample, as participants are self-selected, meaning that a margin of sampling error cannot be calculated or quoted. In addition, the population and sample are limited to those with access to computers and an online network. However, online surveys have been shown to produce results that have proven to be reliable predictors of outcomes, including election results.

If you have a question on education that you would like to see addressed in a future ED Pulse poll, feel free to submit it in the comment section below, along with any other comments.


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