Developing a Young Men’s Empowerment Program—An Excerpt from Baruti Kafele’s 2009 Bestseller


If you’re not acquainted with the work of award-winning educator and bestselling author Baruti Kafele, let me be the first to introduce you. For more than two decades, Kafele was a public school educator in New Jersey, where, as principal, he successfully led four school turnarounds and was named a teacher of the year. One of those schools has been recognized numerous times as a top U.S. school by U.S. News and World Report. Kafele is a passionate presenter, and you may have heard him speak at any number of ASCD conferences.

What I want to draw your attention to today is his 2009 bestseller Motivating Black Males to Achieve in School and in Life. In this book, he shares strategies to get middle and high school students to value learning and reach for achievement. In the below excerpt, Kafele explains how he launched his very first empowerment program for young black males.


Want to read more from Kafele? You can find excerpts from his new book, Closing the Attitude Gap: How to Fire Up Your Students to Strive for Success, online. He has also blogged for Inservice on the topic of black males and closure of the “attitude gap.”

Motivating Black Males to Achieve in School and In Life is available in print and e-book formats in the ASCD Online Store. Additional excerpts from the book are also available online.


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