Demystifying the Math Mindset: A Guide for School Leaders

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School leaders can play a pivotal role in creating a positive mindset toward math among teachers, students, and even parents. Our guests Marian Small and Doug Duff rationalize that individual teachers in schools may do wonderful things, schools do not change their culture unless the school leader is fully in. The pair, co-authors ofThe School Leader’s Guide to Building and Sustaining Math Success, offer an insightful guide to supporting successful math instruction on this episode of ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio.

Marian Small, formerly the Dean of Education at the University of New Brunswick, has authored or co-authored approximately 100 publications for K-12 students and teachers. Douglas Duff has been an international educator for the past 15 years. Abbie Eklund, Principal of Lincoln Elementary School, 2016 ASCD Emerging Leader.

Listen to Demystifying the Math Mindset: A Guide for School Leaders.


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