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Linked In QuoteSocial media has made it easier than ever to expand professional learning networks and connect with peers. One of the best (if underrated) ways to do this is through LinkedIn groups.

Have you ever wished you could get all of your friends, colleagues, and education professionals in one room to discuss your professional needs? The LinkedIn group gives you a unique opportunity to do just that without leaving your home or office.

When you log in to ASCD’s LinkedIn group, you’ll find thousands of educators who are eager to share resources, articles, advice, and the newest developments in education. It’s a place where you can ask questions and get answers immediately from people who have faced the same issues.

Some of the top contributors in ASCD’s LinkedIn group weigh in:

“I participate in the ASCD discussion group to explore instruction and support of creativity, psychological resilience, and core thinking skills. Usually, I learn about new approaches, new terms, new concepts, and resources.”

– Duane Sharrock, assistant principal

“The LinkedIn group allows for very focused sharing of resources, great networking with trusted, knowledgeable professionals, and an ideal way to stay attuned to the latest news from ASCD!”

– Dean Fusto,

“ASCD has always stood for collaboration—and in the very best senses of sharing with each other and learning from each other. ASCD LinkedIn offers such possibilities outside of regional or national conferences. It can keep the conversations going, which means the sharing and the learning just keep on keepin’ on.”

– Elaine J. Roberts, founder of

ASCD’s LinkedIn group is a place where you can build your own credibility, make new connections, and grow your professional learning network.

So what are you waiting for? Join ASCD’s LinkedIn group and follow ASCD on LinkedIn for company updates and to stay connected!

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