Connect, Develop, Empower: Register Today for the ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership


CEL Promo 300x300Join us for the 2015 ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership, October 30–November 1 in San Diego, Calif. You will meet with other school leaders to hear from experts, share ideas, and reflect on your own leadership performance. This premier leadership event will

  • Explore the connection between school leadership and student achievement.
  • Add important new ideas to your leadership knowledge base.
  • Connect you to top leaders in school districts across North America and around the world.
  • Renew your resolve to have your best year ever.

Whether your leadership imperatives are in a classroom, a school, or systemwide, this ASCD event will address your needs with immediate and practical solutions. Browse the more than 80 sessions featuring many of your favorite ASCD authors and other education experts, including Robyn Jackson, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Eric Jensen, Pete Hall, Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey, Pam Robbins, and Tony Frontier. Register today!

The conference not only features unmatched professional development sessions devoted entirely to the topic of educational leadership but also gives you the opportunity to meet and collaborate with your peers from around the world. Join ASCD author Jay McTighe for a special keynote luncheon event where he will discuss how schools, in their quest to “cover” all the content in the Common Core standards, might be overlooking some of the most important educational outcomes valued throughout the world. (Note: This luncheon is not included in your registration for the conference. You must register separately for this event. Seating is limited.)

See you in San Diego!