Congress Moves Forward—Don’t Be Left Behind


Congress is currently working to rewrite the long-outdated Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). How overdue is this action? Think about it like this: ESEA hasn’t changed in 13 years, meaning it is likely older than many of your students. And while ESEA hasn’t changed, classrooms certainly have. But the moment educators have been waiting for is here, and updates could finally be within reach.

The Senate education committee recently passed its ESEA rewrite in an incredibly bipartisan fashion, representing the most promising progress we have seen in years. However, the fight to provide our schools with updated and appropriate guidance is not over yet, and many hot-button issues such as high-stakes testing, support for professional development, and funding are still being decided.

If you are familiar with the No Child Left Behind act then you understand the profound effect a federal education law can have on our classrooms and what can happen when educators are left out of the conversation. Let’s work with Congress to ensure that, this time, federal law serves and supports our schools as best it can by getting the expert input of educators themselves.

Congress needs to hear from educators about what works. And because there is strength in numbers, we need your voice. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to join ASCD’s free Educator Advocates program. By signing up, you will receive weekly updates on the education laws that affect your work, quick and easy opportunities to contact your lawmakers when it matters most, and information about ASCD’s unique perspective on current education issues.

ASCD’s educator advocates stay informed, speak up, and help shape our education laws. And most important, as an educator advocate, you expand your influence far beyond your school or district by advocating for what’s best for your students.

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