Common Core Resources for Teachers

Last week, Education Week reported on the frustration teachers are facing as they begin designing lessons around Common Core priorities—teacher resources are either scarce, or hard to find. This week, ASCD convened Colorado educators to discuss Common Core implementation, and classroom teachers in Colorado echoed similar concerns over accessible teaching resources.

ASCD continues to mine and create free resources to help teachers integrate the Common Core State Standards in their classrooms. Here’s a collection of sites and supporting materials:

From the States

Upcoming, free ASCD Webinars

Lessons and Videos

Text complexity (PDF) measurement tools

Check out ASCD’s regularly-updated Common Core resources site, connect with other teachers as they problem solve around Common Core implementation, and click through the March issue of Educational Leadership—a practical guide to Common Core approaches to teaching reading.

What resources do you recommend to support teachers in Common Core lesson planning?


  1. AcademicMerit, is an award-winning suite of online professional-development, assessment, instruction, and learning solutions—solely focused on reading and writing in grades 6-12—that provides schools with a much-needed bridge from simply being informed about the Common Core State Standards to actually implementing them.
    Watch the video on the homepage:


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