Classroom Book of the Week


Like a restaurant that expertly specializes in one dish, the blog Classroom Book of the Week has a simple mission and successful product: every week, the blog features one elementary-level book and provides a multiple intelligences unit for that book. That’s not quite all—occasionally, you’ll find an author interview or other tidbit—but by and large, blogger Kate Narita sticks to the tried-and-true formula.

In late October, in the spirit of the season, the blog looked at the book The Perfect Pumpkin Pie, the story of a house haunted by a dogged pie chef. How does Narita translate this book into a multiple intelligences unit? Pie preference surveys leading to results displayed in pie charts, pumpkin-themed word games, and “perfect pumpkin paintings” are just a few of the varied activities she suggests. As with each entry, Narita includes a list of “book buddies,” or related titles of interest.

Other recent titles in the blog’s diverse lineup include Candy Bomber: The Story of the Berlin Airlift’s “Chocolate Pilot” and Tyrannosaurus Math.