Hearing from Whole Educators

You've heard a lot about ASCD's whole child report, but today's whole child panel discussion was all about hearing from you. How can we...

Hear the news: Listen to the Whole Child report

ASCD recently released a report on the Whole Child as part of our new public engagement campaign, which encourages schools and communities to work...

Students at the Center: ASCD’s Whole Child Report

ASCD has released "The Learning Compact Redefined: A Call to Action," A Report of the Commission on the Whole Child. The Commission recommends: Each student enters...

Speaker Spotlight: Lois Easton

Who are struggling students? Often, they are the "gray-area" students who challenge schools and teachers to fully realize the Whole Child ethos. Author and...

Speaker Spotlight: Sharon Robinson

A lifelong civil rights activist and current president and CEO of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Sharon Robinson believes that to...

Observations on Education in China

Harmonious Learning for the Whole Child: Education Perspective from China leads one Education Update reader to reflect on her own experiences as an educator...

School Safety Summit Offers Few New Ideas

Guest blogger Stephen R. Sroka comments on the President's Conference on School Safety, which he attended with approximately 500 other educators and law enforcement...

Dispatches from the Whole Child Commission

Recently, ASCD's Commission on the Whole Child convened in Washington, D.C., to mull over the intent, and some strategies for implementation, of the whole...

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