Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Getting Students Started Making Movies

In his "Tech for Teachers" column, Video Cameras Offer a New Picture of Student Learning, instructional technology consultant and library media specialist Jason Bedell...

Keeping an Open Mind in School-Based PD

Differentiating instruction is not a set of strategies that can be duplicated from a text -- differentiating is about adapting what you already do in your classroom...

Using Mobile Devices to Improve Feedback Between Teachers & Principals

"As principals, the quickest way to help students is to give teachers really good feedback." However,  2010 Outstanding Young Educator Brian Nichols adds, the feedback principals...

Preservice Teachers: Start Following Now

2010 Outstanding Young Educator honoree Kurtis Hewson works with preservice teachers in Canada. He says social networking benefits new teachers in ways that are...

Going Beyond, Does Everybody Get It?

Understanding what students really think:

Glogster—A New Way to Look at the Poster Project

The poster project is a simple way to get students to show their learning, convey valuable information, and creatively express themselves. Glogster, a Web...

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