Joris Ray on Redefining Your Work as a Leader

"Teaching strategies are alternative, but the students aren't." ASCD's 2007 Outstanding Young Educator Joris Ray on taking opportunities -- no matter how seemingly small --...

Getting Students Started Making Movies

In his "Tech for Teachers" column, Video Cameras Offer a New Picture of Student Learning, instructional technology consultant and library media specialist Jason Bedell...

Is Learning Being Redefined as Project-Based?

In India, definitions of learning are changing, says Bijal Damani, ASCD's 2009 Outstanding Young Educator. As more leaders see test proficiency as an inaccurate...

How to Focus Students on a Lesson’s Purpose

I’m a fan of Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey. I attended their session "Responding When Students Don’t Get It" at ASCD's 2011 Annual Conference,...

Differentiated Instruction in Science Class

"What it means to differentiate activities is to give students a variety of ways, or alternate paths, to making sense out of  manipulating the...

Reading Strategies in the Biology Classroom

Most people would not consider science class as primer for students to strengthen their reading skills. However, in this video, a pair of high...

Guiding Students to Self-Assess

Adding self-assessment as part of the formative assessment process gets students to break down and internalize the individual goals or criteria within an assignment. See...

How to Identify, Prevent, and Respond to Cyberbullying

What is cyberbullying and how many students experience it? What are the warning signs, that educators and peers can be alert to, that a...

Glogster—A New Way to Look at the Poster Project

The poster project is a simple way to get students to show their learning, convey valuable information, and creatively express themselves. Glogster, a Web...

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