How to Focus Students on a Lesson’s Purpose

I’m a fan of Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey. I attended their session "Responding When Students Don’t Get It" at ASCD's 2011 Annual Conference,...

Educational Leadership Is My Just-in-Time Resource

Dallas Dance, 2009 ASCD Outstanding Young Educator Award honoree and chief school officer at Houston Independent School District on one of last year's most...

How to Use Edmodo in the Classroom

When using tools like social networks with students at school, two main issues often arise. First, many schools block popular social networks such as...

Reading Strategies in the Biology Classroom

Most people would not consider science class as primer for students to strengthen their reading skills. However, in this video, a pair of high...

Differentiated Instruction in Science Class

"What it means to differentiate activities is to give students a variety of ways, or alternate paths, to making sense out of  manipulating the...

A Visit to a Motivated Classroom

In this clip, consider how teacher Marilyn Garber uses a combination of student-directed and teacher-directed strategies to develop a partnership of learning in her...

Is Learning Being Redefined as Project-Based?

In India, definitions of learning are changing, says Bijal Damani, ASCD's 2009 Outstanding Young Educator. As more leaders see test proficiency as an inaccurate...

Guiding Students to Self-Assess

Adding self-assessment as part of the formative assessment process gets students to break down and internalize the individual goals or criteria within an assignment. See...

How Will Schools Use Common Core Text Complexity Tools?

Matt Copeland, English Language Arts and Literacy consultant for the Kansas Department of Education, describes how he envisions schools will use text complexity analysis tools...

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