PrezQuest Teaches Younger Students About U.S. Presidents

With the excitement and interest surrounding the election and inauguration of President Barack Obama, the recently launched free, interactive Web site PrezQuest may be...

Bookmark This!: Fireside Chats to YouTube

Jay Mathews's recent column in the Washington Post, "Most Textbooks Should Just Stay on the Shelf," elicits opinions from educators and publishers on the...

Following Grades Like the Stock Market

The days of parents being in the dark about their children's grades until report cards come out may be over. Numerous schools have started...

Disrupting Education

Clayton M. Christensen, Michael B. Horn, and Chester E. Finn Jr. discussed disruptive innovation in education at the American Enterprise Institute on October 27....

Futuristic Desks Becoming a Reality

Walk into any classroom, and chances are you'll see identical wooden desks and a teacher writing math problems on a whiteboard. A British company...

Pen, Paper, Bookbag … iPhone?

Can smartphones be the future of education? Some schools seem to think so, and colleges across the country are handing out iPhone 3Gs to...

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