Should We Allow Students to Use Cell Phones in School?

At our high school, we recently reexamined our electronic use policy. In conversations during the summer, the assistant principals and I agreed that enforcing...

Teaching Students, Not Just Standards, with Visual Literacy

Post submitted by ASCD author Lynell Burmark. In this climate of standards and standardized testing, of politicians posturing and parading, the pressure is on to...

Character Education for the Digital Age

"Should we teach our children as though they have two lives, or one?" That's the question Jason Ohler poses in "Character Education for the Digital...

Distributing Leadership Online: New Tool Simplifies Online Project Management

Shared or distributed leadership is a concept familiar to education leaders (and readers of Educational Leadership), and a new web tool looks to make...

Google App Search: New Tools Make Finding Apps Easier

Apps: popular. Google: very popular. Put them together and the tech-savvy educator has a way to simplify their search for the applications that fit...

Leader Links: Stay Informed With ERIC Alerts

The venerable ERIC database, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, is an invaluable resource for the breadth and depth of education information it...

Educational Leadership Introduces New iTunes U Courses

Busy educators, we've got your professional learning on the go. Now, when you download the iTunes U app on your iPhone or iPad, you...

6th Graders Go Low-Tech for a Week

During a unit on what contributes to the human condition, 6th grader Kelley Powell suggested that her classmates forgo their plugged-in lifestyle for one...

PrezQuest Teaches Younger Students About U.S. Presidents

With the excitement and interest surrounding the election and inauguration of President Barack Obama, the recently launched free, interactive Web site PrezQuest may be...

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