STEM & Problem-Based Learning in the Classroom

Problem-based learning is introducing new ways to teach STEM-based subjects to students. With a new surge in educational initiatives and developments, this learning trend is...
Tech tips for preparing for the Winter Break

Tech Tips for Preparing for the Winter Break

Winter break is right around the corner and the preparations are underway! How can educators, students and families make the most of the time...
Broward county school success

Looking At Broward County Public Schools Success

Providing all students with a high-quality education is one of the greatest gifts we can offer our youth – and among the most important...
Teaching from the Back of the Room:

Teaching from the Back of the Room: How to Work in a Tech Rich...

So, your school has taken the technology plunge – all of your students have laptops, you’ve set up your Learning Management System, you’ve been...

Sometimes the Best Technology is No Technology

I became the principal of a technology magnet school in 1989. Nine years later, I was named an Apple Distinguished Educator. In 2016 I...
10 Reasons Why You Should Implement Digital Student Portfolios

10 Reasons Why You Should Implement Digital Student Portfolios

As both a father and a building principal, education is a personal endeavor as well as a professional one. My two children have always...

Using Technology to Facilitate Planning for the Co-Taught Classroom

Co-teaching has been shown to be an effective, natural support for a diverse range of students in classrooms. When teachers work together (often a...
To Consider Before Adding Technology to Your School

Six Questions To Consider Before Adding Technology to Your School

In my work with schools and districts throughout the world I often see a rush to add technology without a clearly thought out plan...

Digital Leadership in a Digital World

Albert Einstein once said, "Once you stop learning, you start dying." That quote, from The Innovator's Mindset by George Couros, struck a chord with me...

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