Four tips for assessing online learning and feedback

By Monica Burns How do you assess student learning online? How is it different from checking for understanding and giving feedback in a classroom? Over...

What teachers need to make remote learning work

By Tara Laskowski By now we know that the ways schools look and operate this fall will be far from “normal.” But what are teachers’ major concerns...

Six ed tech tips during remote learning

By Patrick Hausammann Unprecedented. Crisis. State of Emergency. All of these words describe the time we find ourselves in, both in the U.S. and...

#ELMagChat Recap: How to cultivate deeper online discussions

As educators continue to conduct most of their teaching online, the questions about how to cultivate good discussions are adding up. Discussion is one...

Three strategies to consider during the transition to digital learning

By John Churchville It’s strange to think that my high school has closed its doors for what is likely the last time this semester. However, the learning...

Three keys to instructional coaching in a virtual learning environment

By Mannu Sikka Educators around the world have, by necessity, been forced to shift to remote learning.  This has left them overwhelmed and unsure how...

Three big takeaways from Educational Leadership’s report on remote learning

By Anthony Rebora On April 15, Educational Leadership published a fast-tracked special report titled “A New Reality: Getting Remote Learning Right.” Designed to provide guidance and spark problem...

Plan and deliver: Resources for leaders as they go remote

For resources like this, check out Educational Leadership's free, online-only special issue on remote learning, A New Reality: Getting Remote Learning Right, available April...

10 steps to incorporating student voice into remote learning

Editor's Note: This piece is written collectively by the staff of the Quaglia Institute and the Australian Institute for Voice and Aspirations under the...

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