Why I Teach: Part 4

For every student, everywhere, every day.  My childhood was full of adversity, the odds were stacked high, and the fact that I have achieved the...

Why I Teach: Part 3

Tell me your story. What if others told it for you and you were never given the chance?  What if the labels and codes ascribed to...

Why I Teach: Part 2

To best explain why I teach, I need to go back to the beginning … As I sat in front of the TV in the early...

3 Tips for a Stress-Free End to the School Year

The end of the school year brings excitement and stress for both teachers and students. With summer approaching everyone is understandably ready for a...

Why I Teach: Part 1

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to teach. For my 7th birthday, my dad bought me a Classroom Set game,...

Authentic Reading & Writing

At some point, as the adult in the room, we have to recognize that as long as students are reading writing for a fabricated...

Stuck on Reading, Not on Stickers: Transforming Students’ Reading Identities

Labeling books by levels in elementary libraries—both in classrooms and in the media center—remains a common practice.  While advocates argue that this organizational system...

7 Reasons Why Differentiated Instruction Works

Differentiated instruction (DI) begins with an accurate understanding of what DI is—and is not.   You may be surprised how easy it is to incorporate...

Crafting an Authentic Writing Instruction for English Learners

According to WIDA (the center for the advancement of academic language development and academic achievement for students who are linguistically diverse), writing is the...

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