Saturday, September 19, 2020

Planning and Instructing for Deep Learning

Written by Elliott Seif This series of deep learning commentaries is built on the idea that strong basic and...

Dimensions Of Deep Learning: Levels Of Engagement And Learning

Written by Elliott Seif  This series of commentaries is built on the idea that the development of deep learning understanding, skills, and habits of mind...

What is Deep Learning? Who are the Deep Learning Teachers?

Written by Elliott Seif   As I indicated in my first commentary on deep learning, deep learning knowledge, abilities and competencies are important for living, working and...

Why Deep Learning?

Written by Elliott Seif  By now everyone is probably aware that we are living in a very different America than previous generations. The predominant industrial economy,...

A Math Educator Considers the “A” in STEAM

Those of us in mathematics often have to look hard to find appropriate and meaningful inclusion of our discipline in STEM programs and activities....

Is Teacher Attendance in Crisis?

Absenteeism among teachers has garnered attention in numerous reports over the last several years, with estimates of chronically absent teacher rates ranging from 16...
Eight Teaching Tips on History, the Power of Words, and Character

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: Eight Teaching Tips on History, the Power of Words, and Character

November marks the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address (November 19, 1863). The document is an extraordinary primary resource to teach about the origin, purpose,...

Using Creativity to Build Relationships and Foster Student Success

Whether we teach a specific subject or a specific grade, it is important to remember that we are teachers first. Students are our priority...
hat can you do to keep your students enthusiasm

Back to School: First Week Advice for Educators

Do you remember your first day of high school? You were beyond excited to wear your back to school clothes, try out your new...

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Establishing a three-way relationship in service of deeper learning

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Serving kids with disabilities in remote learning: three key strategies

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