Let’s Have a Heart to Heart

When my daughter comes home from school on Valentine’s Day with cards from friends and candy in her backpack, I can’t help but greet...

How Will Schools Use Common Core Text Complexity Tools?

Matt Copeland, English Language Arts and Literacy consultant for the Kansas Department of Education, describes how he envisions schools will use text complexity analysis tools...

13 Books to Build Classroom Community

It's no surpise that Book Whisperer (and Nerdy Book Clubber!) Donalyn Miller's post, "Books That Build Community," was last week's most-clicked ASCD SmartBrief article. In...
Scaffolding Students to Meet Grade Level Expectations – Balancing Text and Task

Scaffolding Students to Meet Grade Level Expectations – Balancing Text and Task

As a young student, I always looked forward to the next new book.  The teacher would read aloud and then we would be able...

Nurturing Thoughtful Readers and Writers

The crucial importance of literacy in today’s world is hard to question. Its fundamental role, however, goes well beyond students’ ability to read and...

Writing and STEM: A Crucial Combination

When we think about what a scientist or a mathematician looks like, we rarely see a pen or pencil in hand composing a report...

Five Questions for Common Core

There is much talk, and a lot of confusion, about the new Common Core State Standards among frontline educators in the classroom.  Here are five...

Actively Reading Textbooks

 Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review -- better known as SQ3R -- is a strategy for active reading comprehension. It is particularly useful for textbook chapters, magazine,...

YA Why?

I recently purchased Emily Danforth's coming-of-age novel, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, on my e-reader. When I went to my local bookstore to buy...

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