Hewetson Elementary: High-Poverty & Highly Rated

High-poverty Halle Hewetson Elementary in Las Vegas, Nev., rates five stars on Clark County School District's school performance framework. In last week's most-clicked ASCD...

Common Core Resources for Teachers

Last week, Education Week reported on the frustration teachers are facing as they begin designing lessons around Common Core priorities—teacher resources are either scarce,...

Evaluations Present Philosophical and Logistical Challenges

In more than a dozen states, new teacher evaluation requirements are presenting philosophical and logistical challenges, reports the New York Times in last week's...

Complex Texts That Both Challenge and Engage

One of the anchor features of the Common Core literacy standards—across subject areas—is that students will be able to read informational texts for comprehension....

What to Do When Student and Teacher Needs Clash

Using Maslow's hierarchy of needs as a frame, teacher and instructional coach David Ginsburg went from furious to curious, regarding his students' misbehavior. Maslow's...

Setting Up Students to Lead

New research claims to "plot a pathway from childhood experiences to adult leadership," identifying the behaviors that lay the foundation for future leaders. What are...

Should the Common Core Include Handwriting?

Will exclusion from the Common Core State Standards be the final death knell for handwriting instruction? Last week's most-clicked ASCD SmartBrief story had advocates explaining...

Metaphors Open College Doors

Using dichos, the Spanish term for figurative sayings, teacher Ben Johnson gets his students thinking abstractly—a skill he says is essential for some types...

How to Involve Students in Formative Assessments

Formative assessments track the pulse of learning in your classroom—but should teachers be solely responsible for taking that pulse? Last week's most-clicked ASCD SmartBrief story...

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