Most-Clicked Story: Test Gains Stalled

Last week's most-clicked ASCD SmartBrief story: Study: Test gains stalled after NCLB implementation (Education Week)Although NCLB is credited with some initial test-score gains in math,...

Most-Clicked Story: Dad Math

Last week's most-clicked story, via ASCD's SmartBrief: Dad's math text helps children teach themselvesWhen Nicholas Aggor's children struggled in math, the Michigan engineer decided they...

NCLB Missing on the Margins

Last week's most-clicked story, via ASCD's SmartBrief: NCLB Seen as Curbing Low, High Achievers' Gains:Is NCLB leaving behind students at the lowest and highest ends...

Summer Slide

"A recent study by sociology professor Karl L. Alexander and colleagues at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore concludes that two-thirds of the reading achievement...

Filler Up?

As the traditional school year winds to a close, some teachers are relieved to turn their planners toward more "fun" lessons—trips, field days, and...

Loan Danger

Millions of students who otherwise would be unable to cover the cost have been able to pay for college, thanks to lending giant Sallie...

Anatomy of a Controversy

The use of scientific terms for the human anatomy in literature has generated two recent controversies in U.S. schools. In February, an e-mail discussion...

Closing Schools to Save Lives

Closing schools in response to the U.S. flu epidemic in 1918, say experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, actually may have...

A Controversial Climate

Vitally important scientific topics and politics are no strangers to each other. While debates over the teaching of evolution in schools have grabbed headlines...

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