Most-Clicked: Staph in Schools

Last week's most-clicked SmartBrief story reported response to and concerns about a drug-resistant strain of the staph infection that's surfaced in U.S. schools and...

Unprepared for College

At a recent speaking engagement, education activist Jonathan Kozol called D.C. Public Schools "the shame of the nation, right in the President's backyard." Since...

Peer Tutoring Gets a Push

Family dynamics, not biology, are behind the IQ gap between firstborns and their younger siblings, according to a study published by two Norweigan scientists....

Most-Clicked: Parents Say Stay the Course

Last week's most-clicked SmartBrief news story: Most parents don't see need to advance math, science curricula (EdWeek, free to SmartBrief subscribers) According to a new report...

Most-Clicked: Teachers Are It in Pitt

Last week's most-clicked story from ASCD's SmartBrief: Teachers key in affecting pupils' success (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) A recent study reports that, in Pittsburgh, students with good teachers...

Most-Clicked: Teachers Criticize AP Audit

Last week's most-clicked ASCD SmartBrief news item: Auditors Rejecting AP Course Syllabuses (Washington Post, free registration) This year, the College Board is conducting its first quality-control...

Most-Clicked: Students Behave When Teachers Engage

In one of last week’s most-clicked SmartBrief stories (Teacher Magazine, free registration), an award-winning science teacher gives tips on classroom management, noting it’s easier...

Most-Clicked: Reading Recovery Is What Works

Last week's most popular ASCD SmartBrief story: Reading Recovery earns full What Works approval The What Works Clearinghouse published a long-awaited review of beginning reading programs...

Most-Clicked: Art for Its Own Sake

One of last week's most-clicked ASCD SmartBrief stories: Teach art for its own sake, researchers say (NY Times) Two Project Zero researchers, who published findings in...

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