Teachers Need Time, Tools, and Trust, Says Report

Last week's most-clicked ASCD SmartBrief article profiles a new report from Education Trust that identifies school culture and working conditions as key determinants in retaining...

Closing the Book Gap

The 1,000 Books Project, a partnership between Scholastic, a classroom teacher, and local donors, helped students grow their own home libraries over the course...

Experience Changes the Brain

Last week's most-clicked ASCD SmartBrief article debunks the notion that brains are hard-wired, and proposes that "helping teachers and students understand how the brain...

In Deficits, Wishful Thinking on Class Size

Load highly effective teachers with higher class sizes, and pay these teachers more to do an increasingly impossible job—or invest in small class sizes...

NY Teachers Juggle Curriculum in Common Core Transition Years

Last week's most-clicked ASCD SmartBrief item told the unfolding story of implementing Common Core math standards in New York state. As topics shift to...

School for the Talented and Gifted in Dallas Tops High School Rankings

Last week, U.S. News and World Report and the American Institutes for Research announced the rankings of 22,000 public high schools from across the...

Student Perspectives on Engagement

What approaches to teaching and learning engage students? In last week's most-clicked ASCD SmartBrief story, teacher, author, and all-around cool lady Heather Wolpert-Gawron put...

What Not to Say to Students

Author and DC teacher Dan Brown (@DanBrownTeacher) wrote last week's most popular ASCD SmartBrief story--a list of the top five things not to say...

Should Schools Invest More in Student Learning Plans?

Student learning plans help students formally identify career interests at an early age, connect course planning to those interests, and provide planning supports that...

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