What Is “Process” Praise and Why Should You Use It?

Last week's most-clicked ASCD SmartBrief story underscored the importance of praising students for effort and the processes they use to learn. This cultivates what...

Is Algebra Necessary? Revealing Real-World Applications

In response to political scientist Andrew Hacker’s New York Times (NYT) op-ed essay “Is Algebra Necessary?,” NYT's Learning Network blog identifies at least nine...

Six Traits of Successful Learning Teams

Teachers need and want to work in the kinds of collaborative learning environments they are charged with facilitating for students, yet surveys of American...

Is Memorization Underrated?

Do people in the United States underrate the value of memorization? Although rote learning has negative connotations, former high school English teacher Justin Snider writes...

13 Books to Build Classroom Community

It's no surpise that Book Whisperer (and Nerdy Book Clubber!) Donalyn Miller's post, "Books That Build Community," was last week's most-clicked ASCD SmartBrief article. In...

How Can We Make Our School Better?

Last spring, Howe High School, a school of 147 students in rural Howe, Okla., embarked on schoolwide project-based learning (PBL), asking students to innovatively answer, "How can we make...

Platooning Ballooning at the Elementary Level

Platooning, or departmentalizing instruction according to content area, is on the rise in elementary schools, according to last week's most popular SmartBrief story. High-stakes...

What Challenges Do Math Teachers Face?

Previously, CNN's Subject Matters series highlighted the demanding work of today's English and language arts educators. Last week, the focus turned to math teachers...

Common Core Resources for Teachers

Last week, Education Week reported on the frustration teachers are facing as they begin designing lessons around Common Core priorities—teacher resources are either scarce,...

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