2008 OYEA Winner Keeps Busy

Deirdra Grode, a middle school language arts and social studies teacher in Hoboken, N.J., has been busy since ASCD named her the 2008 Outstanding...

Recapping the ASCD/ACEL Conference in Sydney

Last week, ASCD cosponsored its first international conference, in Sydney, Australia. Attendees are already blogging about the experience--Check out Teaching and Learning for upcoming...

New Century High Schools Initiative

The October 27, 2006 American Youth Policy Forum in Washington, D.C. spotlighted the New Century High Schools Initiative in New York City. EL editor...

Like a Dog in a Swimming Pool

Writing students at J. H. House Elementary School in Conyers, Georgia put together a PowerPoint guide for other kids who want to start blogging....

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A Better Interview Process

Hiring the right staff in education can be daunting. Here are some tips for conquering the challenge.

Should students handwrite or type notes in class? Studies offer conflicting recommendations

Students retain more information when they take notes by hand instead of typing them on a laptop. At least that’s according to one widely cited study published in the journal of Psychological Science. But a new EdSurge article raises issue with those...

Use focus to tackle the leadership learning curve

By Rachael George, Kourtney Ferrua, and Kate Barker *This is the second in a series of four posts on navigating the leadership learning curve. Find...