How Reading Aloud Helps Reach Reluctant ELL (And All) Readers

Countless research studies have told us that reading aloud to students is effective. Why, then, do teachers feel like it is “one more thing” they have to “fit in”?

Continuity of Learning and H1N1: What Questions Do You Have?

If you missed ASCD's web seminar H1N1 and Continuity of Learning: Meeting Students' Learning Needs When they Return to School, set aside some time to listen...

Book Excerpt—What Type of School Culture Do You Want?

How does the leadership in your school measure up? Find out by taking the School Culture and Collaborative Leadership Survey. Have you ever wanted a...

The Turnaround Trap

Post submitted by Frederick M. Hess, director of education policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute. Even when everyone agrees change is essential, it is...

Gear Up for the Common Core State Standards with ASCD’s Free Webinars

Educators around the country are gearing up for Common Core State Standards implementation this school year by attending conferences, reading trade books, and familiarizing...

ASCD Annual Report: Celebrating Learning in 2014

With the ever-growing conversations about high-stakes testing and teacher evaluations, it’s important to have a global community of lifelong learners who are committed to...

Taking a Stand for English Language Learners

Last week, former Los Angeles elementary school teacher and ASCD Emerging Leader Patricia Dickenson did a guest blogger stint at Rick Hess's Straight Up...

2008 OYEA Winner Keeps Busy

Deirdra Grode, a middle school language arts and social studies teacher in Hoboken, N.J., has been busy since ASCD named her the 2008 Outstanding...

7 Ways to Create an Inclusive Classroom Environment

Recently, we’ve seen a number of institutions of higher education begin taking steps to diversify their school environments. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the same...

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