Jukebox Hero

It's like an epic Glee episode for U.S. history teachers: with the National Jukebox, the Library of Congress is now streaming thousands of speeches,...

“Moneyball” for Schools? I Don’t Think So.

by James Harvey Educators and analysts excited about the possibilities of using data analytics to evaluate schooling need to take a deep breath and calm...

House Passes ESEA Rewrite

Earlier this morning, the House passed HR 5 by a vote of 221-207, with 12 Republicans and all of the Democrats voting against it....

Announcing the ASCD Arias Imprint—Timely Answers to Your Burning Education Questions

Let's visualize September: The year is young and you're right where you want to be. You're consciously applying the myriad new skills acquired over...

Can Teachers Increase Students’ Self-Control?

Self-regulation is a strong predictor for academic and social success, so how can teachers help students develop self-control? That's the question cognitive scientist Daniel...

Resources to Help Guide Educators Through Hurricanes and Other Traumatic Disasters

Below is a compilation of resources to assist districts and schools affected by debilitating hurricanes and other natural disasters. Schools may be closed for...

Report Card Redesign – What Should Be Reported?

Last week, GOOD magazine announced the winner of its "Redesign the Report Card" contest. The winning entry is a design by Polly d'Avignon, and...

Hitting the Blacktop Can Help Increase School Performance

A New York Times article cites a recent study that concludes recess can help students learn better in the classroom. The study of 11,000...

Evaluations Present Philosophical and Logistical Challenges

In more than a dozen states, new teacher evaluation requirements are presenting philosophical and logistical challenges, reports the New York Times in last week's...

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