House Passes ESEA Rewrite

Earlier this morning, the House passed HR 5 by a vote of 221-207, with 12 Republicans and all of the Democrats voting against it....

Announcing the ASCD Arias Imprint—Timely Answers to Your Burning Education Questions

Let's visualize September: The year is young and you're right where you want to be. You're consciously applying the myriad new skills acquired over...

“Moneyball” for Schools? I Don’t Think So.

by James Harvey Educators and analysts excited about the possibilities of using data analytics to evaluate schooling need to take a deep breath and calm...

What You Need to Know About Learning Styles

Teachers differentiate to three major considerations: readiness, interest, and learning profile. Matching instruction to students' readiness correlates strongest with academic growth, according to research....

Evaluations Present Philosophical and Logistical Challenges

In more than a dozen states, new teacher evaluation requirements are presenting philosophical and logistical challenges, reports the New York Times in last week's...

Countering the Negative Spin on Education

Does it feel like educators are constantly under attack? From sensational media stories about failing schools to public opinion polls that blame teachers for...

Ravitch: Whose Children Are Left Behind?

"I thought testing would help diagnose the problem and help teachers identify kids' needs and that charters would serve the underserved and collaborate with...

Report Card Redesign – What Should Be Reported?

Last week, GOOD magazine announced the winner of its "Redesign the Report Card" contest. The winning entry is a design by Polly d'Avignon, and...

A “Common Core” for Teacher Prep?

Education Week's Stephen Sawchuk reports that the University of Michigan today unveiled Teaching Works, a new organization that will support new teacher training by...

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Studies show project-based learning improves Social Studies scores.

Do endings matter?

“Offer that extension,” he writes. “Excuse that assignment…. Let us, by showing grace, make the memory of this stormy year just a bit more peaceful.”

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A new report from NCEE details the actions countries with high-performing school systems took to do distance learning well.